One Road.

One World.

One Elephant Park.

The Great Wall of China
At the Beach in Salacgrīva

Elephant Park is at Mount Kazbegi, Georgia, the Caucasus.

Elephant is in the Maasai village, Tanzania.

Elephant Park is at Prison Island. Zanzibar. Tanzania.
Most likely this is the first golden elephant in Peterhof. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Crystal-clear waters and orange lichen-covered granite boulders. Tasmania.
Elephant and Wallaby. Australia.
Elephant Park is at Diamond Beach, Iceland.
Elephant Park is in Iceland. Dynjandi waterfall.
Elephant Park is in Tasmania.
On the moonlight track. Queenstown. New Zealand.
Elephant Park is at Vatnajökull. Glacier is melting!
On the sand and stone under the water. Baltic sea.
Under the water. Lake Baikal. Russia.
Under the water in the lake Taupo. New Zealand.
Lake Taupo. New Zealand.
26000 years ago here was a volcano. Now here is the Lake Taupo. New Zealand.
The place where the land runs on forever. Serengeti. Tanzania.
Latvian ceramics Elephant and silverback Gorilla. Rwanda.
Place where emperors and empresses lived. Forbidden City, Beijing, China.
Elephant Park is at Kul Sharif Mosque. Nice sunny day in Kazan, Russia.
Glacier Lake. Iceland.
Elephant Park is at Miyajima.
The Itsukushima island. Japan.
Tunnel roads. China.
The Red Square. Moscow.
On the bridge, Li Jiang river, at Yang Shuo, China.
Lake Taupo. New Zealand.